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VG blog t-shirt for you!

giugno 18, 2008

Now VG blog has its special VG T-SHIRT: it’s a black one with on the back and a picture of PUMPING IRON!

It’s cool and unique and it’ll make you feel part of VG all life long!

What do you think about it? Could it be a nice idea?

T-SHIRT A: sfondo nero e disegno grande sul davanti (pumping iron) + scritta

T-SHIRT B: sfondo nero e disegno piccolo su una manica (pumping iron) + scritta


Gheddafi’s hostage or oil hostage?

maggio 13, 2008

It’s not a joke. A friend of mine who works in Libya for an italian oil company can’t be back home. Gheddafi wants to charge his company of 1000000 euro to write off Libya’s Second World War debt. In return, Tripoli will release the employers, they’ll be free to come back to Italy.

Putin has just written off $ 4,5 billion of Libya’s Cold War-era debt in exchange of military and civilian contracts between the North African Country and Russian companies. That’s not enough for Gheddafi. Now Italy has to solve its debt problem. Or maybe solve its Calderoli problem, I really don’t know.

I’m in doubt right now, I’m worried for my friend and so hangry because I can’t do anything.

What’s going on in Libya? Can Gheddafi hold someone back without any blocks or difficulties?

I’ve just known about it, and I’ll try to find news and facts and more over. Please leave a comment. Any suggestion will be appreciated.