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High speed train in Italy?

dicembre 10, 2008

Next week the new line of high speed train will start between Milan and Bologna: 220 km in 1 hour.

But what happens to the normal  railway lines? Well, let’s start saying that maybe normal is not the correct word, especially for commuters. If weather conditions are bad, like this morning for example, that is snowing in the North of Italy, it takes me one hour to get from Pavia to Milan, just 30 km: in the same time I could have reached Bologna with a high speed train…

And I do not want to talk about the conditions of my trip as my train has been the only one that traveled this morning, so on my train there were the people that usually stay on 4 trains: do you know that battery  chickens are almost illegal? well, commuters’life is even worse in day like this.

High speed trains: that makes me laugh a lot. Italy is going worse every day…