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Avete voluto la bicicletta? E allora… buona lettura!

giugno 9, 2009

L’autore non ce ne voglia…

ne abbiamo parlato tanto tra di noi, ne hanno parlato tanto (!) innumerevoli radio in Italia, il rosa delle locandine ha colorato interi paesi (!!)…

ma nessuno lo ha postato su questo blog.

Cerchiamo di metterci una pezza:

“Il Ciclismo a test”  di MICHELE MARENCO




High speed train in Italy?

dicembre 10, 2008

Next week the new line of high speed train will start between Milan and Bologna: 220 km in 1 hour.

But what happens to the normal  railway lines? Well, let’s start saying that maybe normal is not the correct word, especially for commuters. If weather conditions are bad, like this morning for example, that is snowing in the North of Italy, it takes me one hour to get from Pavia to Milan, just 30 km: in the same time I could have reached Bologna with a high speed train…

And I do not want to talk about the conditions of my trip as my train has been the only one that traveled this morning, so on my train there were the people that usually stay on 4 trains: do you know that battery  chickens are almost illegal? well, commuters’life is even worse in day like this.

High speed trains: that makes me laugh a lot. Italy is going worse every day…




Where is Professor Steve Steve?

maggio 15, 2008

Professor Steve Steve hasn’t forgotten Fest 2008.

He’s sent some new pictures because (maybe) he misses Trieste and the people he met here.

How are you, Professor?

Claudia and Doriana


Circus of science

aprile 24, 2008

Nuove figure emergenti nel panorama circense triestino


Just books

aprile 22, 2008

True paper pages left apart… we can share between our group, but also with everyone else interested, our reading preferences. It is simple and free, and is on Anobii.

Che ne dite? La registrazione è gratuita ed è in pratica la biblioteca virtuale di via della ginnastica. I più pigri non si spaventino: per inserire dei libri nella propria libreria basta mettere il codice isbn oppure copiarli da altri…



Photo FEST

aprile 22, 2008

Some pictures from the International Science Media Fair: FEST 2008


Fest 2008

aprile 21, 2008

Welcome everybody!

Claudia and Prof Steve Steve at FEST 2008

This is the official Via Ginnastica (science) blog.

Just started during Fest 2008 in Trieste :

Via Ginnastica Community has now its own blog, thanks to Bora Zivkovic and to Professor Steve Steve (he’s on the picture with me)

But who’s Via Ginnastica Community – VG Community- ? It’s Claudia, Doriana, Fabrizio, Laura, Lisa, Lorenzo, Marina, Matteo and Michele! A special group of flatmates and friends who decided to go online and get a flat on the web, that’s Via Ginnastica blog.

I hope that a lot of friends join VG Community soon.

To chat, to talk about science or about gossip.

To upload photos, to upload videos, audios. To tell his/her point of view on FEST 2008, on MCS, on politics, on journalism.

Just to meet up on the web.