Via Ginnastica at Esof 2008

luglio 24, 2008

Just back from Barcelona after seven days of intense activity at Esof 2008 and now it’s time to discuss a bit about the conference and the week spent in BCN.

Esof 2008 is the 3rd edition of Euroscience Open Forum (2004 in Stockholm and 2006 in Munich) and because I haven’t seen the other two ones I can’t compare one to the others. I’ll try to do my best.

As a beginner of Esofs firstly I studied a bit.

From the website I know that Euroscience is a “pan-European association of individuals interested in constructing scientific Europe from the bottom-up”.

So during the main conference of the association (Esof) I thought to find thousands of people from the bottom who debate about science.

I really looked for them but I didn’t find lots of people from the bottom, neither from the top.

I found a lot of people from the “middle”: communicators and journalists who talked about their area of interest and discussed about the future of science and Europe. But where the public was?

As a volunteer during the conference I’ve worked in the outreach programme that means with the general spanish/catalan public, chidren, teenagers and above all families.

All the communicators involved in the outreach activities had to run their workshops or shows in a huge area (someone of us -including me- have thought that the area was a parking converted to the fair only for Esof) where there was no indication about what show was going on.

People and children seemed a bit lost in such a big area. You could feel more that you were looking for your car than for a workshop about science.

But it’s not the whole story about Esof 2008. I got in touch with people from all over the Europe and listened to a lot of intersting and clever speeches and discussions.

In this kind of conference you switch on your brain at the beginning of the day and you’re worn out at the end. And you might like feeling exahusted with a lot of ideas.

Again it’s not the whole story about Barcelona. VG community, in order to be a good team of reporters, has also been around the city, visiting all the amanities and enjoying some tapas at night.

We’ve also been to CosmoCaixa, the Science Museum of BCN, wondering all the time if CosmoCaixa is more a science museum with a bit of art or an art museum with a bit of science.

I’ve uploaded some pictures from the journey to have an idea of the atmosphere of BCN.



3 commenti

  1. It has been a lost opportunity (someone could have called it “a great opportunity”)… I hope this experience will contribute to build a better Esof in 2010, in Turin! we enjoyed a lot, anyway

  2. Do you relly want to buid a better Esof 2010?
    You can already point out your ideas and suggestion on the website:

    It might work, why not to try?

  3. Diciamo che i commenti di altri frequentatori dell’esof 2008 non sono stai da meno 😐



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