Gheddafi’s hostage -2nd episode-

maggio 23, 2008

More news about my friend in Libya. I’ve asked him to tell VG blog what’s going on in Libya in order to read his own words and understand more.

He’s a technician who works for AVA spa, a oil field company located in the mediterranean area and also in Austria, Germany and Hungary. In Libya the company has been working for years in assisting a  lot of oil companies in drilling.

If you want to know more about Libya and Italy agreement -or disagreement- after the Second Worl War, have a look of this press releases (it’s in italian)

What’s happening at work? Are you free to leave Libya when you want?

“Usually yes, I’m free to leave the country thanks to a regular entry and exit visa, but I cannot right now!”

Why can’t you come back to Italy at the end of your work shift?

“Because my company is not regular with the payment of the ALI, Azienda Libica Italiana, founded by Dini government in 2002. The ALI purpose is to pay Libya the damages of the Second World War”

Why does Gheddafi claim the money “back” from Italy?

“Because he is asking for damages of italian invasion in Libya”

And what do you think it’s the main reason to hold AVA’s employers back?

“Libya wants Italy writes off the Second World War debt, Gheddafi wants the money, that’s it! In exchange he’ll give italian companies the license to work here. The fastest way to get the money from italian companies, it’s to hold the employers here. But AVA should understand it’s a huge problem! If nobody (AVA company, other italian companies, italian government) pays to ALI, Libya won’t release the license to keep on working here.”

What’s the position paper of your company?

“Our company haven’t pay yet because before 2002 this charge had been considered optional not mandatory. In 2002 it became a law but not a clear law, it’s never been clear the amount of money to pay to ALI. And also ALI it might be cancelled in a few months. This is a fine mess!”

What is gonna happen in the next weeks?

“AVA spa is trying to deal with the amount of money to pay, but there’s no evidence that we’ll find a solution soon.”

Are you worried not to come back to Italy soon?

“I’m sincerly worried to spend more than 3 months here, because even if the company decides to pay it, it’ll take a long time to make it official.”

Are you frightned?

“Many of my collegues’ relatives are worried about this delay, this is an abuse of power! They should keep here only the director, the person in charge for it, but libyan people don’t care about humans rights!”

VG international news. Tripoli, Libya.



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